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My name is Julie Malmstrøm and I have created Crazy Conscious in order to share knowledge, tips and inspiration about green living and minimalism. It can be complicated to understand and grasp the environmental issues and what to do about it. 

I am here to make it easier to undrestand and to pick up new habits and tricks that are both better for you and the planet. 

You are always welcome to share thoughts and ideas and tips with me, because together we can make a difference. So let's make a community of people who are crazy about being conscious!

Feel free to also check out my media company where I produce videos and other media with people who work with music and sustainability: 
Julie Malmstrøm Media 


Crazy Conscious is a media channel 
with the mission to spread tips and knowledge about:

The green & healthy alternatives

How we can simplify our life

How we can become conscious and ethical consumers


Go to SHOP to read about how you can hire me as:

- A public speaker
- As an entertainer
- As a mentor to talk to you or come by your home and talk about what steps you can take to live a more green and simple life


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Phone Number   +45 28 18 92 61

Julie lives in a room in an apartment in the capital Copenhagen in the little country Denmark in Scandinavia on the planet Earth. 

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