SMØRREBRØD open sandwich on a base of toasted whole wheat bread with plant based butter, tomato and mushroom topped off with chili oil, salt&pepper and basil leaves. 

ÆBLEKAGE traditional danish dessert with homemade applesauce with soy whipped cream and sugar roasted oatmeal 

SALAD rice with cucumber, pickled beats, mushrooms and silk tofu topped off with nuts&seeds, parsley, olive oil and salt&pepper. 

WARM ROOT SALAD with baked carrots/beets/parsnip on top of bulgur with spices

MIXED PLATE salad of beans/bulgur/red pepper/cucumbers with pickled beets, pickled red cabbage and an open sandwich with hummus & sauteed squash

SMØRREBRØD open sandwich with toasted sunflower seed bread, plant based butter, blue potatoes and parsley/salt/pepper on top

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